I was born on January 6, 2000 at 4.30 in the hopital San Jose.

My first year I lived in the house that was my grandmother, we lived there my parents, my grandmother, me and my dog Leidy.

A year and a half moved house where I live now, Senderos De Funza, my parents took me to a day care center that was near the house so develop my brain and learn new things, my grandmother took me to about 9.00 am and she collected me at 4.00, after the house we were going to give me something to eat and hung out for a walk Leidy; My first words were tete, mama, papa and ledy, my first toy was a teddy bear gift my grandmother Olga, fabric and shoes.

In my three years between studying together with my cousin to school I called Mis 3 Ositos but I did not like because the teachers were rude and had preferences in children, last studying about 3 years but I had to change my school because it was no longer good, according to my parents for poor money management by rector . We seek of a new school and we decided one Cota Gimnasio Campestre San Francisco De Sales.

Step into this school when I was 6 years first grade there everyone was friendly, I liked a lot because it was large and green areas where I could play with my friends, teachers explained very well, I think it was a recognized student.

Studied there until seventh grade because the school began to wane and education was no longer good. During those years a great time as we were doing family outings to Panaca, San Andres, Eje Cafetero, and Santa Marta had fun us a lot, almost always on my birthday we were going to film, we ate ice cream, and then we met with the family eat cake.

At thirteen again seek a school that also remain in Cota, my father decided the Jose Max Leon because according to a magazine called Money was one of the best schools in Cundinamarca, this interview and in between but I had to repeat seventh because I had a strong foundation in English.

When I was 15 I went to the US for first time with my parents, my aunt and cousin, we were in the house of my aunt in Miami for a week met representative places of this city and share with her, her husband and children, then we went to Orlando to see Disney and universal, we had so much fun, we met Mickey Mouse and ate too much, my favorite day was October 31 because universal festival horror was held, throughout the park had this theme and was very ghostly , had haunted houses, people dressed, famous attractions such as The Walking Dead series (it was my favorite), I know that my aunt and my cousin did not like, but since we were celebrating my fifteen so I decided that we were doing.

During these years I have spent very nice moments with my family, as celebrations, trips, although we have also spent time as operations difficult some of us, discuciones, but finally solutions and continue as a united family.

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